Khyber News live Streaming


Khyber News Live Streaming


Khyber News is the only Pashto news and current affairs TV channel in Pakistan. Khyber News is considered as the most trusted news channel in Pashtu Language around the globe. It provides news and current affairs programs in Pashto language specifically from KP, Balochistan, Tribal districts of Pakistan, Afghanistan along with Pakistan’s national news and international news.

Khyber News was founded on July 16 2007. Ever since its inception Khyber News has speedily reached the heights of broadcasting popularity. Apart from regular news updates, Khyber News offers a unique insight into many aspects of Pashto language, Pakhtun history, culture and opinions.

Khyber News has been consistently been on top of TV rankings across all viewership strata. The multiple perspectives on a news story and the honest insight of the seasoned journalist has enabled viewers to form informed opinions and take informed decisions The innovative and varied nature of programming content and formats have kept a diverse, but loyal, audience forever engaged to Khyber News.
Khyber News belongs to AVT Channels Network.


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