Khurshid TV live Streaming


Khurshid TV live Streaming


KHURSHID TV a professional TV Channel located in Kabul, Afghanistan. Khurshid TV channel was founded on the 22nd of February 2011. Our philosophy is to broadcast Afghan culture programs in all provinces of Afghanistan.

KHURSHID TV network means “sun”. The channel, like sunlight, aims to provide its audience with the enlightenment it needs for the improvement of the country. This TV channel plans to struggle to broadcast good programs in Afghan society, and also aims to try to solve people’s problems. It is a private TV Channel with a variety of possibilities for progress.

We are currently broadcasting 24 varieties of programs according to the mood of people, including different types of social activities, economic, cultural and political Afghani society. It is based on the article 34 of the constitution of Afghanistan, and is established according to the mass media principals of Islamic republic of Afghanistan as an independent private media. Nothing broadcasted through this channel is against the laws and rules of country and Islamic rules.

KHURSHID TV programs show a complete picture of democracy. All our making, programming, production, over all broadcasting, and way of making the programs ensures that our TV Shows follow not just the policies of TV and are in a framework of principles, but also preach the main values of journalism, democracy, national unity, creation of understanding & trust among people and help in visualizing and creating a bright future. Attention to the mood of addressee is one of the principles of KHUSHID TV.


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